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If you are facing a divorce, then much of your future is up in the air. Let a legal expert help you protect your rights when it comes to visitation, spousal support payments, property division, and more. Our firm even has over 15 years of experience in handling complex divorces, such as a contested divorce, or a divorce where one spouse is hiding assets from the other. Our firm can also help you if you want to find an alternative to a divorce, such as getting an annulment or a legal separation. If you want to achieve an alternative to a contested divorce, then our divorce lawyer can assist you through divorce mediation or an uncontested divorce.

If you have questions about how child support or custody are determined, then you can find the answers you deserve at our firm. Should you ever face issues enforcing a child support order, or if your visitation rights are being interfered with, then you can find the legal assistance you need with our family lawyer. If you need to avail yourself of your rights as a father, a mother, or a grandparent, understand and fight your rights with the help of an experienced legal advocate. If you have already been through a divorce, but your circumstances have changed substantially since your settlement was crafted, then you may need to modify those court orders. This would be the case if you need child support payments reflect those changes, or you need move away orders, for instance.

More than a Decade of Experience in Family Law

When you and your family's futures are on the line, it is important that you understand your rights and that you know how to safeguard these rights. If you work with The Hunter Law Group, you can trust that you are working with a family law firm that is committed to helping you preserve your rights and your child's best interests. Our divorce attorney has more than a decade of experience successfully helping individuals and families through their legal matters.

Whether you need to create a prenup or you need to decide a child custody arrangement, our firm has the dedication and experience that may just be able to help you create the future you deserve. With a skilled legal advocate on your side, you may be able to feel confident that you are saving yourself time and money, as well as securing a fair result. Learn more about how you may be able to find the legal counsel and representation you deserve at our firm when you contact us today! You can even get started on your case when you fill out a case evaluation.

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