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Are you looking for an experienced legal professional to help guide you through a difficult divorce? Do you need a dedicated advocate to support you in a paternity case? If so, you should contact The Hunter Law Group to get in touch with our experienced family law attorney in San Juan Capistrano. Under the direction of Attorney Daniel C. Hunter, IV, our legal team is prepared to tenaciously fight for your legal interests during your family law proceedings.

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Comprehensive Legal Representation in Family Law Cases

California family law covers an expansive range of legal and financial matters, touching on property law and sometimes criminal law. Fortunately, our experienced family law attorney has spent years of his practice focusing on cases connected to California family law.

The Hunter Law Group has experience with the following family law issues:

  • Annulments: In extreme cases, you can ask the court to declare your marriage to be invalid and obtain an annulment, where the law considers you to have never entered into your marriage to begin with.
  • Child Custody: With whom does your child live with after divorce? Courts determine these issues based on factors concerning the child’s best interests. We can advise and represent you on a number of custody issues, including temporary custody and interstate custody matters.
  • Child Support: Our legal team is here to provide you with effective legal counsel when it comes to calculating, modifying, and enforcing child support matters.
  • Divorce: Proceedings regarding the dissolution of marriage cover many different issues under California family law. We have experience working with the various aspects of divorce law, including cases involving high-net-worth assets, military families, contested and uncontested divorce, as well as summary dissolution proceedings.
  • Divorce and Bankruptcy: Filing for bankruptcy can have a significant impact on your divorce case because many issues revolve around the financial aspect of the parties’ marriage. We are prepared to advise you on the complex aspects that arise at the intersection of divorce and bankruptcy.
  • Domestic Violence: California family law provides special relief and legal remedies for families affected by domestic violence. Our attorney can guide you through these challenging issues to protect the rights and interests of you and your family.
  • Legal Separation: Sometimes, filing for divorce is not the right course of action for a married couple. However, in cases where continuing to live together is not a feasible option either, couples can benefit from legal separation.
  • Mediation: Conventional litigation can be expensive when it comes to divorces and other family law matters. However, there are more cost-effective alternatives for resolving such disputes, such as mediation. We have the experience to help you determine whether mediation is appropriate for your case.
  • Move Away Orders: Sometimes, circumstances develop in a way that makes complying with divorce orders impractical, such as when a parent relocates far away. In such cases, we can help you obtain move away orders so your parental rights are not endangered by your decision to move.
  • Property Settlements: We can help you with sophisticated issues concerning the division of community assets and liabilities upon divorce, including characterizing assets as either community or separate property.
  • Spousal Support: Upon divorce, a spouse has a right to receive financial support from their former spouse if it would be necessary to help them live at the standard of living they enjoyed during marriage. You can count on our legal team to provide guidance and legal services in calculating and modifying spousal support orders.
  • Visitation: Parents have a legal right to maintain a close relationship with their children. Our skilled family lawyer can help you with issues arising from a parenting plan covering child visitation.

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At The Hunter Law Group, we are passionate about helping families in San Juan Capistrano find just legal solutions for their family law disputes. Under the guidance of Attorney Hunter, our firm is ready to listen to your story and advise you on your legal rights and the most promising legal course of action to take in light of the exceptional circumstances regarding your case.

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