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Postnuptial Agreements in Orange County

Mission Viejo Post-Marital Agreements

Post-Marital agreements are contracts that a couple can enter into after they have been married. Much likepre-marital agreements, these contracts make provision for the individuals in the case of divorce such as what the division of assets will be and what the division of liability will be. Additionally, issues like spousal support can be addressed in post-marital agreements in order to ensure that you are not left without assets and without support in the case of divorce.

If you have recently been promoted at work or if you have suddenly incurred a significant amount of assets then you may want to consider a post-nuptial agreement with your spouse in order to protect your assets, your business or your finances in the case of divorce. There are many terms that can be agreed upon in post-nuptial agreements such as in the case of adultery, the spouse who committed the infidelity will receive nothing. A Mission Viejo divorce attorney from our firm will be able to look over this contract and help you with any necessary changes.

What to Include in a Postnuptial Agreement

In order for your post-marital agreement to be effective in case of a divorce, you should include certain provisions. First, you should make sure that your post-nuptial is in written form. States will not uphold an oral agreement, so it is highly advised that you obtain the help of a family law attorney to put the document in writing. Those who are putting together a post-marriage contract should also make sure to include a provision that gives the other spouse full financial disclosure, which will definitely influence the decision making process of the other party.

Next, the couple should list all their current assets, which can include properties, earnings, dividends, and inheritances, as well as their current liabilities such as debt or loans. In this provision, they should discuss how each of these items will be divided. This contract should also include a spousal support stipulation, as well as which spouse will remain in the home and who will have to move. It could also be good to include the division of benefits like insurance and disability. Provisions can often be extremely complicated and specific, so you should not hesitate to get the help of an Orange County divorce lawyer at The Hunter Law Group.

Why You Need a Lawyer for Post-Nuptial Agreements in Orange County

It is important that your post-nuptial agreement is strong and that it provides adequate arrangements for you in the case of divorce. Our firm has over 30 combined years of practice in family law issues such as post-nuptial agreements. We know how to best prepare an agreement that will greatly benefit you in the case of divorce. Do not hesitate to seek the legal assistance of our firm in order to begin the process of building a case that will defend your assets and protect you from unwanted liability in the case of divorce. We will be able to help you through the process and see that an agreement is drawn up that will aggressively defend your rights in the case of divorce. Contact us to schedule a consultation today!

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