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Temporary Child Custody in Mission Viejo

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When a couple decides to get divorced, there are several issues that will need to be resolved. However, the process can potentially take several months or years and, unfortunately, some of these issues are too vital to put on pause for such a prolonged length of time. To address these urgent matters, the court will often grant temporary orders. Child custody is one such matter that requires a temporary solution until a more permanent one can be achieved. At The Hunter Law Group in Mission Viejo, our family law team is experienced in handling temporary child custody orders and will help you obtain a solution that meets your family’s needs while you go through the divorce process.

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How Can I Obtain a Temporary Child Custody Order?

Temporary child custody orders are not automatically issued by the court. To obtain one, you will need to request it. You can request a temporary child custody order by including it in your divorce petition or after filing your initial paperwork. Next, a judge will hold a hearing for this request.

Being adequately prepared for this hearing is critical, especially since other related issues might be addressed to render a decision:

  • Visitation
  • Transportation expenses
  • Child support
  • Healthcare coverage
  • Domestic violence

As is always the case any time a legal matter involving children is being addressed, the best interests of the children are paramount in a temporary child custody order.

A judge will consider a variety of factors to determine a child custody order, including:

  • The relationship the children have with each parent
  • The emotional and physical wellbeing of each parent
  • The emotional and physical needs of the children
  • The ability of each parent to meet the children’s needs

Temporary child custody orders typically remain effective until the divorce is finalized and a permanent order is issued. However, if a judge feels that the temporary custody order is not serving the best interests, it can be altered. For example, if the child’s needs are not being met or the parent with custody is not allowing the other parent to exercise visitation rights, a judge would likely alter the arrangement. It might even impact the decision a judge makes when your divorce is finalized.

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