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Are you and your spouse considering legal separation?

Whatever the reason for separation, it can be a viable option for couples that do not yet wish to obtain a divorce but want to live apart. Additionally, in a legal separation, the couple's assets, debts, and responsibility for making different parenting decisions are divided up. For some couples, this makes separation a great test run to determine whether or not they want to completely dissolve the marriage.

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How Is Separation Different from Divorce?

The key difference is that filing for legal separation does not end a marriage; a divorce does.

In addition, neither partner is allowed to remarry or seek out a partnership with another individual while they are legally separated. Both individuals are allowed to seek out spousal support, child custody, visitation rights, and other items that are commonly dealt with in divorce cases.

Is Legal Separation Right for Me?

If you are confused about whether divorce or legal separation is the right path for you, allow our Mission Viejo family law attorney to explain some of the more common motives involved.

Legal separation may be a viable option if one of the following applies to you:

  1. Religious reasons stand in the way of obtaining a divorce
  2. Personal values or beliefs are an obstacle for getting a divorce
  3. Residency requirements for divorce cannot be met according to California State laws
  4. Financial reasons such as health insurance or other benefits will be lost for one of the spouses if divorced

Following a similar process as divorce, legal separation may be the perfect option for those that eventually wish to dissolve their marriage, but currently cannot do so because of certain state laws.

California Requirements for Legal Separation

  • The California Family Code §2321 states that that an individual can file for separation and then file for dissolution of marriage after the 6 month/3 month residency requirement is met.
  • This residency requirement states that at least one of the spouses or partners must reside in California for a minimum of 6 months, and in their particular county for a minimum of 3 months before getting a divorce.
  • Legal separation allows for couples who are waiting on their residency requirements to still be able to live separate lives in the meantime.

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