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Collaborative Divorce in Mission Viejo

Helping You Achieve a Mutually Agreeable Resolution

Not every divorce is destined to see the inside of a courtroom. In fact, most divorces are able to reach a resolution through alternative means, such as collaborative divorce. Through a collaborative divorce, spouses are able to avoid going through the pricier, lengthy process of divorce litigation, which also often tends to be far more contentious. If you and your spouse share children, this is an ideal method for you since you will stand a better chance of preserving a more amicable relationship with one another, so you can more effectively co-parent. At The Hunter Law Group, our collaborative divorce team will help keep you out of court, so you can achieve a better resolution for you and your family.

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What is the Collaborative Divorce Process Like?

In a collaborative divorce, both you and your spouse would still have your own respective attorneys. You must hire an attorney with experience in handling collaborative divorce cases or you will be at a disadvantage. The attorney who handled your friend’s divorce might be great in a courtroom, but that does not necessarily mean he or she can effectively negotiate. Initially, you will meet one-on-one with your own attorney to discuss your goals and what you are willing to compromise. After you are able to meet with your attorney, you will meet with your spouse and his or her attorney in a four-way meeting. You will likely need several sessions before you are able to reach a resolution.

It is important for both spouses to be cooperative and on-board with the idea of negotiating and compromising in order to achieve a resolution that reasonably addresses both party’s goals and needs.

What are the Benefits of a Collaborative Divorce?

One of the biggest benefits of a collaborative divorce is the fact that you and your spouse will be able to stay out of court, which also means you will be able to maintain some control over the outcome of your divorce instead of leaving it up to the discretion of a judge.

Additionally, there are other benefits for those who opt for a collaborative divorce:

  • Your divorce will take less time since you will not have to go through a lengthy trial, discovery process, or be at the mercy of the court’s packed schedule.
  • Your divorce will also cost less since you will be able to reach a resolution more quickly.
  • You will have a better relationship with your former spouse, which will be helpful if you have children and you wish to be effective co-parents.
  • Your divorce will remain private.
  • You are both more likely to be happy with the results of your divorce since the process will require you to work together on the details of your settlement.

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If you and your spouse are dissolving your marriage, but desire a less inherently contentious method, you should consider collaborative divorce. At The Hunter Law Group, our Mission Viejo team will help you amicably reach a resolution that protects your interests.

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