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Divorce and Restraining Orders

A restraining order is an order that prevents an individual from entering your home, your workplace or from coming anywhere near you or your children. Additionally, an order may prevent this person from doing certain things and from owning a weapon. If you have been the victim of domestic violence then you may have grounds for divorce. However, once the divorce is finalized you may be wondering what will prevent your abusive ex-spouse from retaliating or continuing to abuse you and your family. The answer to this is through a restraining order.

A restraining order can prevent your ex-spouse from coming near you and your children through the prospect of jail time. If the restrained individual were to violate their restraining order then they could face jail time, fines or both. There are several different kinds of restraining orders and different elements that must be proven in order to obtain this order. In the case of domestic violence you must have evidence that you were abused and that you have a close relationship with your abuser such as a domestic partner or family member.

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A restraining order can sometimes be difficult to obtain due to the various documentation that must be provided, as well as evidence supporting your need/desire for a restraining order. At The Hunter Law Group we are intent on providing excellent service and assistance for our clients. We have over 30 combined years of experience and will be able to answer any questions you may have regarding the process, discuss the best options you have regarding your situation, what is the best action for you to take and provide you with the assistance and representation that you need if you choose to work with us. Do not hesitate to contact our firm today to schedule a confidential case evaluation.

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