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Divorce Mediation in Orange County

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Mediation is essentially assisted negotiation and is centered on the concept of informed consent. If you are facing divorce and you wish for peaceful negotiation of the various issues that will arise then this may be the best option for you.

There are several primary benefits to mediation:

  • Mediation is voluntary - you may leave at any time for any reason. You have no legal obligation to continue this negotiation.
  • Confidentiality - The documents and discussion are generally unavailable to any subsequent court or other proceeding. Only document that is certainly not confidential is the finalized and signed mediation agreement.
  • Freedom to make decisions - each party can veto any provision that is made for mediated agreement and other freedoms. A benefit to mediation is that nothing can be imposed on you.

There are other benefits to mediation such as that through this process you will be encouraged to retain expert advice and legal counsel so that you may be well informed of all of the proceedings and how they will affect you. You have complete freedom to make the decisions you wish to.

The Divorce Mediation Process in California

Once you decide that mediation is the best option for you and your spouse, then our legal team can assist you through the process. First, we will have an initial consultation with your spouse and his or her lawyer to establish some basic rules, as well as the issues that are important for each spouse. These concerns usually involve assets, debts, and child support as well as spousal support payments.

After the initial consultation, both spouses and their legal representation will have some tasks to complete, such as gathering certain documentation. Outside professionals like therapists and financial planners can sometimes be helpful in this stage of the process. The parties will again meet for one or more subsequent appointments to negotiate the agreement.

Your lawyer will assist in making sure that the other party does not take advantage of you and that all your goals are being met in the process. When both groups have come to an agreement, then a written statement will be prepared and signed by each spouse. The document will then be sent to the court for approval.

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Throughout this process of mediation, the idea is to peacefully negotiate and agree on terms for divorce, property division, custody rights, support and many other issues. If these topics cannot be discussed and decided upon in mediation then the divorce case may go to trial. In the case of trial there may be substantial hostility and you may find that you receive a highly undesirable outcome to some issues. Mediation will allow for compromise in some areas in order to obtain the best possible outcomes for all of those who are involved. You need an attorney for mediation cases to ensure the optimal chance of success, and our firm can help.

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