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Move Away Orders in Mission Viejo, California

If you have been through a divorce then you may have been assigned child custody rights or visitation rights. If you are seeking to relocate your family to a different state for a job opportunity, better climate, or simply to get away from an abusive ex-spouse, there are some factors that you must consider in addition to obtaining a move away order from the California State court. When filing for this order you will need to be able to prove that this move will be beneficial for your child. The benefits to relocating your child must be substantial that it will convince the court to grant your petition.

It is the primary concern of the California Courts to see that children are properly cared for and that any arrangements made regarding custody and/or visitation are made in order to maximize the benefits for the children that will be affected. This applies to relocation as well as custody rights. If you are seeking to relocate your family then you will need to be able to prove that it is beneficial for the child that they are relocated from their current living area, or that the benefits to relocation significantly outweigh the negative effects of relocation.

What Happens if the Custodial Parent Wants to Relocate?

First and foremost in any family law situation is the welfare of your child. If you are the custodial parent, and you want to move for a job or to live in a better location, to successfully file a move-away petition, you must prove that the relocation is greatly beneficial to your child and that the move will be more beneficial than detrimental. The court takes into consideration the age of the child, the relationship the child has with their parents, how the move will affect the child, why the custodial parent wants to move, how the non-custodial parent will be affected, and more. You will need an experienced family law attorney to override any challenges from the non-custodial parent and to help demonstrate to the court that the move is good for your child.

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