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What is Dependency Law?

A dependent, by law, is a person who is under the care and support of an adult. Dependency law is a branch of family law which governs how to protect a child when in a dangerous situation. A dangerous situation could involve abuse, neglect, drug use or abandonment by a parent. Life has challenges, and there may be times when a parent or parents are unable to properly care for their child or children.

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Dependency law includes:

Guardianships and Parental Rights in Mission Viejo

If you live in the Mission Viejo, California area and you are in a situation where your child has been taken from you by Child Protective Services, you will want to hire a lawyer with experience in juvenile dependency law who can fight for your parental rights in court, or take action to ensure the safety of a child in danger. Our firm has over 30 combined years and our practice is focused on all family law matters.

When Child Protective Services (CPS) Removes a Child From the Home

If it has been determined that a child is in danger in their existing home, the Department of Child and Family Services will file a petition with the court. The court will review the material presented, and determine if the allegations are valid, and if so where the child will live while the issues of concern are being resolved. In general, the court prefers to place a child temporarily with a parent or relative.

The steps taken will be as follows:

  1. Removal from the home
  2. Placement in a safe home or foster care
  3. Visitation rights will be determined and appointed by the court

It is absolutely vital that you have an attorney who is familiar with the process, and who will protect your parental rights.

Reasons CPS May Place a Child in Temporary Custody

If a child is in danger due to the following issues as a relative you may be able to gain custody while they are resolved, and in some cases, permanent custody, based upon the situation.

  • Drug abuse
  • Alcoholism
  • Neglect
  • Criminal activities
  • Abandonment

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Retaining a knowledgeable and experienced attorney immediately may help you avoid having your child removed from your custody if the allegations are unfounded. If a temporary foster care situation is the best solution for everyone, we can help facilitate this as well. Having an experienced attorney is vital to helping your family achieve the best possible resolution of your case, so please, call us now. We can help.

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