Will You Have the Children on Father's Day?

Father's Day is only a week away, and many dads want to spend this special holiday with the children that they love. If you are a father and do not technically have custody of your children on Father's Day, you may want to put in a special request with the court. For example, if your custody arrangements make it so that your ex-spouse has the children this weekend, you may want to shift custody time around so that you can spend the holiday with your children. Depending on the way that your spouse will handle the suggestion, you may even need to take legal action.

As a father, you have rights to your children. If you are in a joint custody agreement or have even partial custody of your children, then you should use these rights to ensure your children will be with you on Father's Day. Even if you do not have custody rights, but have visitation rights, you may be able to use these visitation rights to make sure you have the children on Father's Day.

As a parent, spending holidays with your children is a previous gift. At The Hunter Law Group, we have been putting families first for over a decade and fighting on behalf of parents who want to enforce their rights. As a father, you can seek visitation or custody of your children for the weekend by filing for Father's Day custody order compliance. This will protect your ability to have the children during this time.

If your Father's Day compliance order is violated, and your ex-spouse does not give you the kids on this special day, then you may be able to take this issue up with the court and make sure you are a reimbursed for the lost time. Contact a Mission Viejo family attorney at The Hunter Law Group today for more information!