Studies for Online Dating: Greater Spousal Satisfaction and Less Divorce

While studies may be showing that users who are on Facebook too much may be jeopardizing their relationships, studies are also showing that people who meet online tend to have greater satisfaction in their relationships. In this technological age, there are about one third of all marriages that are being initiated by online dating means. According to the an eHarmony study which was published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences they found that marriages which began online tend to be more studying and in the end are less lily to result in divorce.

Why is this? What is so unique about meeting a person online as opposed to in person like the old days? One social psychology professor shares that people who meet online are more likely to be more vulnerable and therefore truthful with those they meet online. What is interesting about online dating is that a larger majority of people who married after dating online were making more than $100,000 in their annual salaries. They believe that as money holds a large significance in marriage relationships, a possible cause for greater satisfaction is because the spouses are equally wealthy individuals when they come together. Money isn't necessarily the only factor in this belief, education and life style also played in a role with the compatibility between those who met online because they were able to describe the type of people they were looking for.

The primary concern with this study is the fact that online dating has not been around long enough for researchers to see if decades down the road their marriages remain stronger. One social psychologist claims that these assumptions may be premature. Whether you met your spouse in person or online, if you are considering a divorce, contact a trusted Mission Viejo divorce lawyer today at The Hunter Law Group!