Respecting Father's Day can Help in Court Cases

If you are a mother currently divorcing from your spouse, then you probably don't want anything to do with your ex at the moment. Yet maintaining a healthy relationship with your ex-spouse and encouraging your children to maintain a healthy relationship with their parent can look great in court and help you to get the custody time that you prefer. Father's Day is coming up this next Sunday, and many mothers may want to forget about the holiday altogether.

Yet it will be of a benefit to you to make sure your children honor their father on this special day. Purchase a card or encourage the children to make their own and present the cards to their father on Father's Day. This shows that you are working to maintain a bond between the children and their father. Judges like seeing this sort of effort, and they may be more prone to favor you in custody disputes because it is obvious you are working hard to make sure your children still have a functional relationship with their other parent.

Also, your ex-spouse may be less prone to argue about custody arrangements if he understands that you will still allow the children to communicate with him and continue a meaningful relationship with him. With Father's Day coming so soon, this is the perfect time to show your children how to honor their dad in a proper and respectful way. California attorneys say that going the extra mile on special holidays like this one can do wonders in a contested divorce battle or a heated custody case. If you want more information about child custody disputes in divorce, make sure to talk to a Mission Viejo divorce attorney at The Hunter Law Group. The lawyers at this firm are dedicated to assisting locals in their cases. Hire them today!