Understanding The Best Interest of the Child

Are you in the midst of a child custody or child support battle as the result of a recent divorce? When negotiating a plan for sharing parenting time or custody of your children, the state will primarily consider the best interests of any children involved. This standard of putting their best interests first is used when deciding custody issues in the state of California.

At The Hunter Law Group, we help clients make decisions based on the best interest of their children as well. We understand that these situations are delicate; we want to be there to support you with the solid case strategy that you need. Contact our Mission Viejo divorce lawyer for quality assistance today!

Factors Used to Determine the Child's Best Interest

When the court determines what would be the best interest of the child, many factors will need to be assessed, including:

  • Age of the child
  • Relationship of the child's parents with one another
  • Preference of the child (if old enough and mature enough)
  • Child's current living arrangements
  • Desirability of maintaining continuity in current living arrangements
  • Stability of proposed living arrangements
  • Ability of the parties involved to care for and love the child
  • Capacity of each parent to cooperate
  • Parent's ability and willingness to resolve disputes
  • History of domestic violence

What does this mean in child custody cases?

In the context of child custody cases, focusing on the child's best interest means that all decisions are made with the goal of fostering the child's happiness, security, and emotional development as he or she passes into young adulthood. In most cases, it will likely be in the child's best interest to maintain a close relationship with both parents.

The child custody decision that is made now will affect you and your child's future. Make sure that the decision accurately reflects the young one's best interest. Speak with Hunter Law Group today for the legal guidance you need!