Divorce & Facebook: Is There a Connection?

While social media proves to be an excellent way to stay connected with your numerous circles of friends from both the past and the present, studies are showing that it is also proving to be detrimental to those who are in relationships. According to research compiled by the Journal of Cyberpsychology, Behavior and Social Networking, they have determined that the use of Facebook is much more likely to lead to conflict in relationships. However, this research specifically links relationship problems when individuals use social media on a regular basis, at least once every hour. They concluded that this regular usage can lead to numerous conflicts with their partners (married or not) and in many cases lead to either emotional or physical cheating. After this occurs, the couple will be much more likely to break up or result in a divorce.

Their studies also showed that when a romantic partner uses Facebook more often, they are more likely to continually check the activities of their partner and it can lead to extreme jealousy and eventually damaging the relationship. Arguments that often arise from this social media obsession often includes conflict over past relationships, interaction with other people the current partner may see as a threat, etc. they found in these studies that newer relationship are in the most danger for being affected by social media sites, and they encourage users to be moderate with their signing into their Facebook accounts. Seek to interact with one another to learn more about each other and avoid the internet as much as possible.

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