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  • How Can I File for a Summary Dissolution in California?

    || 7-Feb-2014

    In California, some couples can get an expedited dissolution of marriage, or a quick way in which to end a domestic partnership. If you are interested in filing for this simpler divorce, you will need to first understand how a summary dissolution works, and which couples qualify for this. Who Can File? First things first: do you qualify for a summary dissolution? Only couples in very specific ...
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  • Is there such a thing as a simple divorce in California?

    || 16-Aug-2013

    Yes. A simple divorce does not have to be an oxymoron, and it is called a summary dissolution. This is only an option for marriages or domestic partnerships that lasted no more than 5 years, have no kids, and where there are not many assets or debts to split up. The five years also applies to situations where domestic partnerships turned into marriages later on. A summary dissolution could end ...
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