Can a TRO Help Protect You?

If you have an ex-spouse or ex-partner that tends to stalk or has threatened you, then you can request a TRO to secure your own protection. TRO stands for Temporary Restraining Order. These orders are signed by a judge and enforced by the local police or sheriff's office. If your ex violates the TRO once it is served, he or she can be arrested and prosecuted. This can help to keep stalking spouses away. TROs can also be referred to as injunctions, orders of protection, or restraining orders.

Whether you are being physically abused, emotionally abused, threatened harassed, stalked, or believe that you are subject to acts of violence, a TRO can help to keep an abuser away from you. The abuser will be notified of the restraining order once it is signed. The order will demand that the abuser stay away from you, your family members, your friends, your home, your workplace, your car and a variety of other locations that are near you. Sometimes, you can also draft a restraining order that will protect your children by demanding that the abuser steer clear of their school or their childcare facilities.

Most of the time, any former spouse, partner, or relative can be restrained using a TRO. You can discuss your situation with a Mission Viejo family attorney today if you want more information about temporary restraining orders or want to learn whether or not the judge will be likely to grant your request. Normally, you just need to present evidence that you are threatened or that you are nervous about the future and contact with your ex. If you are fearful in this way, you need to hire an attorney immediately to assist you. With the right lawyer on your side, you can be swiftly organize a restraining order that will keep you protected from harm.