Mediation: Avoiding Court during Your Divorce

Many couples who are considering a divorce may be fearful of the whole court process, not just the time and extra efforts that are put into it, but also the fact that it can cause even greater tension. If you is you, you may not realize that your divorce doesn’t have to be a process of litigation, but rather can be one that consists of two peaceable individuals who desire to make this process simple and painless. Those who are considered to be uncontested in their divorce process are much more likely to come to an agreement regarding their settlement and therefore avoid the long process of litigation. However, if you and your spouse are considered to be “contested,” then there is a possibility that the two of you are unwilling to agree on certain terms and therefore court is the only want to argue that out, making the court decide for you.

In the event that you and your spouse want to have a less complicating divorce process, please contact a trusted Mission Viejo divorce attorney at The Hunter Law Group today to further discuss your options regarding your unique situation. One of the possible options you and your spouse may want to consider is using mediation in order to reach a divorce settlement and work through every aspect of the split. You will cover topics such as property division, child custody, child support, alimony payments, debt, etc. Using the help of a third party mediator, who is completely unbiased between the two spouses going through the divorce, you would be directed to address every necessary topic. It is still encouraged for each spouse to have the legal representation of their own attorney in order to make sure that their personal interests are still looked after closely.

There are a number of advantages for the couple who decides that they would like to use mediation as opposed to taking one another to court. First and foremost, this process will save he family both time and money as they will not have to deal with the extra court fees, or however long it takes to even appear before the court. If the couple is seeking to work together, it can also save a lot of heart ache and tension between the families, especially if there are children in the picture. The idea of their parents arguing against each other in court can be a difficult thing, so mediation can be helpful to them as well.

Another aspect of divorce mediation that is extremely helpful is that this process makes the divorce fair to those involved. Here the divorces are simply going to work on a compromise, and the mediator will simply help guide them through their discussions to keep them on track and address the necessary factors. Merely sitting at a table and working through the settlement will allow for better discussion to determine who gets what, etc. whereas if you are in a court then you will have to deal with the divorce property laws of the state. When using a mediator, they have no gain to earn in your divorce, they are simply helping you address the details. This process can be helpful because they may be able to see something or create an idea that neither of you could think of on your own, in order to make the agreement easier.

If you are looking for a Mission Viejo divorce lawyer who can help you through mediation, contact The Hunter Law Group today for more information! Our firm is equipped to help you and your family through divorce, whether it is through mediation or in court.