Small Businesses and Your Divorce

Believe it or not, a divorce does not always have to mean the crashing down of your entire world, in fact for some a divorce will turn things around in a couple's life. This was the case for two dancers who as a couple co-founded a salsa dance studio. While they were madly in love at the time, they realized over the years that their marriage was not the best idea and they decided to file for a divorce—while still keeping the family business. This rather unconventional al way of divorce resulted in a thriving business and two extremely happy people. According to reports about this divorce, the couple held high regards for one another as individuals while also sharing their mutual love for the art of dancing. Because of this unique bond, the couple actually hired the same divorce lawyer to help them through the process.

The couple genuinely respected one another, which resulted in a work place environment that would not be tainted by a simple divorce; and they share that their passion and joy in their classes never changed once they divorced. And while there have been the difficult moments, they were able to stay focused on their students and their wellbeing rather than trying to fight for a marriage. After seven years of divorce and co-running a business, the couple shares that they have grown a brother and sister fondness for one another, with the focus on doing whatever is deemed best for their salsa studio.

It is important to realize that this type of outcome after a divorce is rare, though as seen through real people, it is not impossible. If you are considering a divorce and are worried about your small business in the process, please contact theHunter Law Group today! By hiring our firm, you will receive the hands on dedication that is deserved by an experienced Mission Viejo divorce attorney. Call us today for more information!