Mission Viejo Spousal Support Payments

Mission Viejo Spousal Support Attorneys

Alimony is an obligation that one spouse has to support their ex-spouse financially after divorce. Determining who will be responsible and who will be the beneficiary of the support can be a difficult process as there are many factors to consider in this case.

Some of the many factors that will be considered in determining who will be the beneficiary of support and calculating the support payments include the following:

  • How sufficient the individual's current income is to support themselves
  • The extent to which the supported individual contributed to the attainment of a career, training, education or license by the supporting individual
  • The ability of the supporting individual to make spousal support payments
  • The financial needs of each party
  • The assets and liabilities of each party
  • The duration of the marriage
  • The age and health of each party
  • Evidence of domestic violence
  • Tax consequences to each party for these support payments
  • The hardships to each party

In addition to these factors there are others that are considered, and there are some factors that the court may determine just and equitable to be considered for spousal support. Whether you are the beneficiary or the spouse responsible to make spousal support payments, you may be wondering how long the support must go on for. The general rule in California is that if the marriage lasted less than 10 years then the spousal support payments will be made for half of the total time that the marriage lasted. At our firm, we also know that financial situations may change throughout the duration of a spousal support payment order. In these cases, sometimes it is fitting to request spousal support modification.

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Are you searching for an attorney for a spousal support case in Mission Viejo, California? Attorney Hunter at The Hunter Law Group has over 45 combined years of experience handling divorce and family law. If you are making spousal support payments or if you are supposed to receive spousal support payments then our firm can help you to enforce these rights, modify these arrangements and we can help in the case that you are trying to establish these issues. Do not hesitate to contact our firm for legal representation and for assistance in determining the best action for you to take. Confidential case evaluations available.