Mother and daughter

How is Child Support Calculated?

When a married couple with children makes the decision to file for divorce, one of the most important aspects of their divorce will be focused around the care and upbringing of their children. Once it has been determine which parent will retain custody of the children, or whether both parents will have equal and shared custody, the next step will be to determine child support. Our state has one of the most complex methods for determining child support. It is for this reason we strongly advise you obtain legal representation from a Mission Viejo divorce attorney at our firm before beginning the divorce process.

Our lead counsel,Attorney Hunter, has more than a decade of legal experience as well as a comprehensive understanding of the formula the state uses to calculate child support payments. He understands how important it is to protect our clients' rights and he works hard to see that our clients are given the personalized representation they deserve.

How do you calculate payments?

In simple terms, payments can be calculated by determining what portion of both parents' income is available to be allocated for child support. This is done by first taking the net income of the higher-income earning parent and subtracting living expenses so as to get the "high net" monthly disposable income. You then determine the percentage of time this parent will have physical custody over the children and multiply that percentage by the total net, also known as the combined monthly net income of both parents. You subtract this figure from the high net and you will have the combined amount which can be allocated for child support.

While it is true that with a little work, almost anyone can calculate his or her estimated child support payments, without legal representation you could end up paying more or receiving less than is rightfully owed. Our firm will take the time to gather the documentation necessary to determine a correct payment amount and take the steps needed to see that you are not taken advantage of by your ex-spouse and his or her counsel.

To find out more about how our firm can help you with child support matters, contact our firm and schedule to meet with an experienced divorce attorney as soon as possible.