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Can I Change My Child Custody Agreement?

As a parent, there are many reasons why you may feel the need to change an already existing child custody agreement. It could be perhaps that your original custody agreement was not as favorable as it should have been, or that you were persuaded into accepting terms during divorce proceedings which weren't in yours or your child's best interests.

Whatever the reason, our firm is here to help in your pursuit of a modification to the terms of your child custody agreement. For more than 13 years our legal team has been protecting the rights of individuals and families through all different types of divorce and family law proceedings. We understand the laws pertaining to these types of legal action and we are committed to getting our clients real results. If you are looking for help to get a child custody agreement changed, a divorce lawyer from our firm will be more than happy to review your circumstances and advise you of the legal options available to pursue.

How can you prove to the court that you need a modification?

Courts are not likely to approve modification requests without good reason. They are also not likely to approve changes to custody agreements that are not in the child's best interests. If you have been refused visitation by your ex-spouse, your income has dramatically changes thus necessitating a change in custody, you are planning on moving out of the state or you believe that your child's current living environment poses a serious risk, then you may have grounds to file a request for modification.

Our lead lawyer, Attorney Hunter, has successfully handled many of these types of cases, so we are more than qualified to review your current agreement, assess your situation and help you determine how to proceed. Call a Mission Viejo divorce lawyer at our firm today to find out if you are eligible to change your child custody agreement.