What Are the Benefits of Divorce Mediation?

For those looking for an alternative to a contested divorce, a mediated divorce could be the way to go. A neutral third party, the mediator, can help a couple negotiate their own divorce settlement. This process affords a divorcing couple the chance to split up amicably, as both spouses have to agree to the process and have to be willing to agree to some compromises. If this sounds like a possibility in your case, then keep reading to learn some of the many benefits of getting a mediated divorce:

One of the top concerns in a divorce is how much it is going to cost to get one. When you have a litigated divorce, you may have to wait weeks between court hearings, and the smallest issues can cause your divorce to drag on. The lengthy process of a contested divorce can be an absolute drain on your finances. With divorce mediation, however, the process can be streamlined, saving you a great deal in legal fees as you wrap up your case swiftly. This money-saving process also saves you and your children needless stress.

Perhaps a bigger upshot of making the decisions for your future outside of a courtroom is that you get to be the one making those decisions. You do not have to leave you and your child's futures up to the choices of a judge, a stranger who has a growing backload of cases and only has a brief time to go over your case. If you and your spouse can keep things respectful, you get to be the ones who write up the terms for your future, and only you two would have the authority to do this. A mediator can only make suggestions; they cannot enforce anything. And while a judge will have to approve your agreement, you are allowed to create a flexible solution that works for your unique situation instead of rigidly adhering to the state's guidelines and statutes.

Mediation can also help you to a better post-divorce life. Of course, getting a fair settlement could be a huge part of this, but the manner in which you arrive at your completed divorce is just as important. If you got the settlement you wanted through a hostile and vitriolic divorce, then you would only be hurting yourself in the long run. This is especially true if you will be co-parenting with your ex, or running a business together, for example. A peaceful divorce provides countless benefits.

If you want to learn more about divorce mediation, or if you want to look into other options for a peaceful divorce, such as getting an uncontested divorce, then do not hesitate to contact The Hunter Law Group. Our Mission Viejo divorce attorney is committed to helping families and individuals reach the futures that they deserve, and has the legal skill to help them create this future. Get started with a free case evaluation today!