Temporary Restraining Orders

A temporary restraining order (TRO) has been established to act as a protective measure given by the court to someone who believes that their life, or that of their children, is being placed at risk. In most cases, if someone is seeking to physically harm you or is otherwise stalking you, then you will want to contact a family attorney in order to pursue a TRO for your own protection. This document can protect you from a number of types of abuse including not just physical but also emotional abuse, or if you are being harassed, threatened or any other form of violence.

This document will be signed by a judge and they will then notify the abuser of the action that has been taken against them and warned of the consequences if they are to break this TRO. They will be instructed that they are in no way able to contact you through email, in person or by phone; nor are they able to contact other family members or the children. Not only are they prohibited from contacting you, but they are then required to not arrive at places that you may be such as your home, work, children's school, your car, etc.

A TRO does not just have to be filed against a spouse, it can also be done so against a boyfriend or girlfriend, a domestic partner, civil union, a relative, coworker, etc.; essentially anyone who may be a danger in your life. In order to file a TRO, you will want to contact a trusted Mission Viejo divorce attorney at the Hunter Law Group, who can then help walk you through the process of obtaining this protective document. At our firm, we are experienced in various areas of both family and divorce, law, including helping victims of domestic violence seek freedom and protection. Contact our office immediately, and together we will do what is necessary to protect you and your family.