Divorce Robs Singer of All Finances

KT Tunstall was left without finances after her divorce from her husband left her with almost nothing. Allegedly, the singer's husband was able to keep the home that they lived in and secured most of their fortune.

Now, KT Tunstall admits that she was essentially "homeless" after divorce and relied on the charity of her friends to get her through a difficult time. She ended her marriage with drummer Luke Bullen. Bullen filed the divorce papers, claiming that Tunstall displayed "unreasonable behavior." The couple was granted a divorce in less than five minutes.

The Scottish singer now says she has nothing to her name. She told the Daily Mail that she feels like a cliché, because she had everything she ever could have wanted and still she wasn't happy. She told reporters that she no longer has a home or a car and isn't sure where she is going to live now that the house is in her husband's possession.

Still, even after losing many of her material possessions, KT Tunstall remains positive. She says that she knows she is happier without her husband in her life and is thankful for this. JT and Luke tied the knot in 2008, but their less than five years of marriage dwindled in recent days. Luke told the divorce court that they had not lived together in six months.

While details of the divorce have not been released, judges admitted that Luke should not be expected to live with KT due to her odd and unreasonable behaviors. If you want more information about divorce or property division, hire a Mission Viejo divorce attorney to help you today. With the right lawyer on your side, you will be able to assert your rights and may be able to end the divorce with a satisfactory settlement.