The Differences of Contested and Uncontested Divorce

If you and your spouse are considering a divorce there are two distinct categories you can fall under: contested or uncontested divorce. What differs in these two types of a split is the relationship of the two people who are going through the divorce. A contested divorce essentially means that no matter what the spouses do, they are unable to reach an agreement about their matters involve in the divorce. This likely means that there is a lot of tension and strife between the two, and therefore they are unwilling reach a settlement. The common topics of dispute in this case generally involved matters of child custody, child or spousal support, property division, the allocation of the couple’s debt, among others.

When a couple is going through a contested divorce it usually means that options such as divorce mediation are not working, and therefore the couple will need to each hire their own legal representatives in order to pursue litigation in court. What is difficult with court is the fact that it is then up to the judge to determine what is best for the family as opposed to allowing the couples to reach a mutual agreement. Uncontested divorces, on the other hand, are considered to be amicable, or otherwise peaceful separations for the couple.

Those who are able to have an uncontested divorce are much more likely to feel as though their settlements for the split were fair as they are more willing to sit through things like mediation in order to reach an agreement. By choosing to have an uncontested divorce you may be able to work through together what is best for matters specifically involving your children and their wellbeing as well as other preferences.

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