Don't Let Your Divorce Affect Your Kids Summer Break

Just because you and your spouse have decided to call it quits on your marriage during the summertime, doesn’t mean that your children have to have their breaks ruined by their parents’ divorce. Sure, a divorce is going to be difficult on the children but how you and your spouse choose to handle it will make a huge difference. As their parents, whether or not you’re separating, you can still help your children enjoy the summertime off of school, enjoying family time, etc. Because this may be the last time that they get to enjoy both parents together in their life. Consider a few simple tips to help your kids still have a good summer break, despite the divorce that is taking place.

First off, consider finding a day camp for them to be involved with at least a few days a week. Whether it is with the local YMCA or at a nearby school, the community usually offers different programs for kids during the summer that include fun trips and adventures. This type of activity can be particularly helpful for parents who are both working during the week, and it will help your kids still have fun with friends their age and not have to be at home alone just with a sitter. By establishing a pick up and drop off schedule between both parents can also help the children still feel cared for by both parents.

Another way to have fun with your kids is to consider doing a family summer blog. By doing this you can write stories about your adventures as a family together, take pictures and it is a creative way to help your children learn to write and express their feelings. Help expand your children’s love for learning and reading during the summer time by visiting the local library and choosing new books to read every week. This will be a sweet bonding time and it can also help prepare and enhance the children’s abilities for the coming year at school. Many schools and libraries have suggested summer reading lists, get your hand on one of these and choose a few to read and discus together.

Children also love arts and crafts, so consider signing them up for a class in the community to learn how to draw or paint. This is a neat way to teach your children to be creative while also filling their schedule during the summer months. Another option is to consider weekend getaway trips with the kids, even if you and your spouse don’t want to do these together, it can help the children still enjoy their mom or Dads Company while growing accustomed to the fact their parents are divorcing.

Summer months are a unique season of life to enjoy with your kids, because before you know it, they are going to want to spend every night out with their friends, then they will be working at the coffee shop for the summer, and then before you know it they are off to college and getting married. These years are precious, and while you are choosing to divorce your spouse, it doesn’t mean you have to divorce your children too. Use these months to get to know your children and to enjoy time with them while you still can. By pouring into them now, you will be able to establish long lasting relationships that will be able to withstand the changes of time and life, including your divorce.

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