Holiday Time: Making Up the Custody Agreement

If you want to have the children with you on Independence Day, you need to take action immediately to make this happen. Most of the time, the courts take holidays into account when they work through custody agreements. One parent will get the children for Christmas, and another parent who is sharing custody may have the children for Thanksgiving and Easter as a compromise. Often these schedules shift as well so that they children can make holiday memories with both parents on alternate years.

Independence Day is one of the holidays that is taken into account during shared custody agreements. If you have the children for the Fourth of July, but your spouse is not complying with this agreement, then you can request a copy of an existing order for clarification. If this order does not exist, or if you want to have the children for the Fourth of July but do not have a legal right to have them this week, then you may want to hire a lawyer. An attorney may be able to write a convincing letter that will show the court why you deserve to have the children during this special holiday.

Courts act in the best interests of the child when it comes to custody agreements, so you will want an attorney on your side who can prove that your children want to be with you on this holiday and it is best for them to have you there with them. As well, it may be effective to work for custody order compliance which will declare that you will be the custodian for Independence Day. With the Fourth of July so soon, you will want to get started on this immediately. Contact a lawyer at The Hunter Law Group today for more information.