Temporary Child Custody

Mission Viejo Divorce Lawyer

In the midst of a divorce, your children are never far from your thoughts. You want what is best for them, but sometimes the court sees things differently than you do. Child custody is often a hotly contested issue for most couples going through a divorce and there are many things to consider before any arrangements can be made.

If you and your former spouse are having a hard time coming to a satisfactory child custody arrangement, temporary custody may be in your best interests. Our firm has over 45 combined years of divorce and family law experience and can represent your desires in court.

Working with a Mission Viejo divorce lawyer from our firm ensures:

  • Compassionate legal counsel every step of the way
  • Extensive understanding of California's divorce laws
  • Protection of your rights in court
  • An advocate fighting for your best interests

What is temporary child custody?

Temporary custody court orders are beneficial if you and your ex-spouse cannot agree on a permanent child custody plan. These temporary orders dictate who gets custody and visitation while your trial is being resolved. Oftentimes, the court enforces the terms of the temporary child custody orders when drawing up the final custody arrangement. If you are not satisfied with your temporary orders, it is important to speak up right away. Otherwise, you may be stuck with them for the foreseeable future.

If your child is mature enough to be able to articulate their desires regarding custody, you may consider hiring a court-appointed attorney on behalf of your child. By securing our firm's representation before the court settles on a child custody arrangement, we can help you obtain your desired outcome. A Mission Viejo divorce lawyer from The Hunter Law Group would be honored to assist you.

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