Attorney Hunter Talks Family Law on The Business Leader Spotlight Show

Daniel Hunter, our law firm's Mission Viejo divorce attorney, recently had the honor of being featured on The Business Leader Spotlight Show, where he talked about a wide array of topics relating to divorce and family law within the state of California. The Business Leader Spotlight Show is a radio show that conducts interviews with successful business leaders from all over the country so that their knowledge can be shared with other business professionals and entrepreneurs. In the interview, Attorney Hunter discussed both California law and general advice concerning what individuals can expect when undergoing the divorce process or other related legal issues.

In the interview, Attorney Hunter discussed the official decision making process for child custody cases, input in these decisions by the children themselves, divorces in which domestic violence is a factor, divorces in which one spouse is a low-wage earner or is unemployed and the other is a financial provider, and much more. According to the lawyer, the state of California allows for a great level of court discretion when it comes to child custody cases, with the primary standard the "best interest of the child." He also discussed how the state's family court system focuses on trying to keep both parents involved in the child's life, whenever possible.

Mr. Hunter also talked about some of the common issues he faces when dealing with divorce cases. He noted that many individuals become frustrated when their family law issues cannot be resolved as quickly and as easily as they would like, especially considering California's waiting period for divorce (known as the "cooling off" period). He also explained that a great amount of conflict is usually created when it is time to divide property or other important aspects of the spouses' lives, such as time with their children.

Attorney Hunter left the show's listeners with valuable advice about what they should look for in a family lawyer. He stressed the fact that clients should not pick just any lawyer, but the lawyer who is a right fit for them. This is specifically someone the client feels he or she can trust, as well as someone who is ready to give the client options and let the individual choose the solution that is right for him or her. When discussing what one should look for in an initial consultation with a family law attorney, Mr. Hunter said the client should expect the lawyer to 1) be a good listener, 2) to thoroughly explain his or her fees and 3) be able to explain how the client's case relates to state law and possible steps for moving forward. The client should also be prepared to answer tough questions asked by the lawyer in order to keep an open exchange of information.

Attorney Hunter has been practicing law for 15 years, and he has mainly focused on family law cases for the majority of that time. Our law firm, The Hunter Law Group, provides high-quality legal representation for all types of divorce and family law matters. Contact us so we can assist you!