Is There a Way to Simplify My California Divorce?

Divorce can be an extremely complex and involved process, particularly considering that there are numerous factors which must be resolved before the court will be willing to dissolve a marriage. In instances where a married couple already has a premarital agreement, or prenuptial agreement, divorce proceedings can often move along at a much faster place, as many of the issues which must be resolved before the divorce can be finalized, have already been discussed and agreed upon prior to the marriage, but a prenuptial could be challenged. In cases where there is no prenuptial, a divorce could take from a few months to a couple of years before it is finalized. There is a way, however, by which Orange County and California residents, can simplify their divorce.

If a married couple is able to create a written agreement detailing out their asset division and child custody arrangements amicably, California law dictates they may be able to file a request for a summary dissolution. If you and your spouse are interested in finding out if a summary dissolution may be right for you, we strongly advise you consult with a knowledgeable divorce attorney at The Hunter Law Group. When you contact our firm, we will be able to review your current situation and help you determine whether or not you are eligible for a summary dissolution. If you meet the qualifications, we will work with you closely to help you complete the necessary paperwork and file your petition with the court. Should you not qualify for a summary dissolution our firm will help you navigate through the entire divorce process, as quickly and smoothly as is possible. Our end goal is to do whatever is needed to help you obtain your divorce, while at the same time protecting your assets and interests, so that you are able to move on and start your new life.

To find out if you qualify for a summary dissolution, contact our firm and schedule an appointment to speak with an Orange County divorce lawyer as soon as possible.