Domestic Violence and Child Custody

Living in the fear of you or your children being harmed is no way that a person should have to live. If you are a parent whose spouse is a violent person, it is your right and responsibility to get out of that life-threatening environment and protect yourself and the kids. Whether this is an ongoing situation, or your spouse is just beginning to act harshly to your or the kids, now is the time to take action and protect your family. Her are a few essential tips to consider. First off, if you're in a dangerous situation and feel that your life is being threatened, contact the police immediately.

Also, as long as you are living in the same home with your partner or spouse, make sure that you keep a very specific record of what happens. Any situation that involves abuse needs to be documented, whether it is physical or emotional, and in some cases sexual. Make sure you keep track of the date and what happened in a detailed explanation. As difficult as it may be to record these things, you want to have this when going before a court to protect your family and yourself. These are important specifically when seeking to take custody over the children from the abuser.

Make sure that you have a plan for safety, whether it is a friend or a loved one, be prepared to end the relationship and get out quickly. Next, you will want to contact a trusted Mission Viejo family lawyer to discuss filing both an order of protection and to discuss obtaining legal custody of your children. It is important that these documents are obtained; however, as your spouse may try to prove that you kidnapped the children as opposed to your trying to keep them safe.

If you are looking to protect yourself and your family from domestic violence, contact The Hunter Law Group today for the Mission Viejo family attorney you deserve fighting on your side!