Addressing the "Gray Divorce" Trend

With divorces happening in nearly half of all marriages, it is becoming less shocking to hear that more and more adults over the age of 50 are falling into this category as well. According to reports, this trend of gray divorces is growing exponentially over the years. In 1990, there were less than 10% of divorces that were of couples older than the age of 50, and today that has increased to one quarter of all divorces. The baby boomer generation is now breaking away from the traditional mold of staying married to your first spouse, resulting in the increase of divorces in our country.

Gray divorces are a likely reflection in how the meaning of marriage is changing in our society over the past several decades. From what was once a traditional union and life time commitment, is now becoming more of a "here and now" commitment, and once that spark is gone or life changes occur, people part ways and find a new partner to walk life alongside. Many of these baby boomer generation divorces are realizing that they don't have to stay with their spouse even after twenty or thirty years of marriage. If they feel that the love has faded or it is time to explore new adventures of life alone, couples are now seeing that there is a freedom to do so that didn't exist in the earlier years of our country.

Whether you are a young married person or you have been with your spouse for half of your life, if you decide that it is time to part ways, a divorce may be the option for you. Consider whether or not your life will truly be better if you remain with your spouse or it your divorce, no matter how old you are.

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