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The U.S. Census Bureau shows that in the year of 2009, the state of had over 200,000 divorces that were finalized. Statistics show that 8.9 woman out of every 1,000 females divorced, and 8.0 men per 1,000 males divorced that year alone. Nationwide, the current divorce rate is just under 50% of all marriages at some point in their life, though the reasons vary for every couple. However, according to the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists, Orange County, 7 out of 10 marriages in the OC end in divorce. Daily, there are an estimated 33 people who initiate a divorce with their spouse, including weekends. With such numbers, our county is considered to have one of the top divorce rates in the nation.

If you are living in Mission Viejo and are one of those considering a divorce, it is safe to say that you are not alone. Every day individuals realize that their life will be happier if they end their marriage. Whether your reasoning is because your spouse cheated on you, you can't stop fighting, or because after twenty years you are no longer in love; filing for a divorce is a freedom that you have the option to pursue in our country. When filing for a divorce, having the legal guidance of an attorney helping you every step of the way is going to make the process much simpler and efficient. Because it can be a complicating and lengthy process, by hiring a skilled attorney you will have someone who not only knows the laws of your state, but also who cares about your wellbeing through this difficult season of life.

At The Hunter Law Group, we are experienced legal professionals dedicated to helping families in the area work through all matters of family law relating to a divorce including, pre-marital or post-marital agreements, custody, child support, restraining orders, and the like. If you are considering the option of ending your marriage, contact a Mission Viejo divorce lawyer that you can trust at our firm. At our office you will receive the care and compassion you deserve during the process, and together we will determine what your needs are in the divorce and fight towards that end.

Property division is among one of the greatest concerns that spouses will have when divorcing, and at our firm we are able to help you resolve the concerns over the decision of your property with your spouse. When dealing with property in a divorce, there are two different laws that a state may fall under; and in California we are considered to be a community property state. What this means is that when you and your spouse are working through your divorce settlement, the court reserves the right to rule that there be a 50/50, split of property between each of you. Rather than considering what is fair in the separation of the assets and property, any marital property will be equally divided in the divorce. Your separate property, or whatever you owned before your marriage, will likely be exempt from this process.

Here at The Hunter Law Firm we are also experienced in helping our clients work through child custody agreements with their spouse either through mediation or litigation. We will do whatever we can to help you protect your time with your children and be involved in their lives, as well as address concerns such as child support. Whether you are addressing the topic of children or property, divorce can be a difficult time; which is why hiring an attorney to look out for your needs is so encouraged. At the Hunter Law Firm, we don't want you just hiring a Mission Viejo divorce attorney you are unfamiliar with, which is why we offer each potential client a free case evaluation. This is an opportunity for you to sit down with us and discuss your current legal needs, in order to determine for yourself if our firm is best for you.

Please visit our client testimonials page to hear some of the kind words shared about their experienced with our team. One woman had already gone through a divorce with a wealthy realtor from Orange County, and despite his high income he ceased paying her spousal support. Our firm was able to come along side and fight for a settlement of $140,000 and pursue justice for his failure to abide in the law. She shares that she "would trust no other attorney in the OC." Another man shares that his wife was filing for a divorce and he was very unhappy with his first attorney, once he found our firm we were able to help him avoid extreme costs associated with the divorce to his ex-wife. These two, like so many others, have shared about their experience with our firm agreeing with our principal that we do whatever it takes to put the client first, and we want to do that for you!

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