How a Visitation Diary can Help You

If you are a custodial parent and your ex husband or wife has visitation rights, it could be very helpful for you to keep a visitation journal that documents these meetings. The children will be heavily influenced by the noncustodial parent, and you want to make sure that that influence is positive, not negative. Also, if your ex fails to comply with the court orders, you can bring this up in court and act in the interest of correcting problems. If you are going to keep a visitation journal, you will want to make sure it is detailed and helpful.

You will want to document all late pick-ups or missed visits. If your ex bails on you and the children last minute, or makes you wait at a meeting point for three hours because he or she was out with friends, then you will want to write down these moments. As well, if your ex refuses to visit at a particular time, or if the children seem to be drawing away from you and preferring the other parent, then you will want to document these instances.

Document things that the children say that seem negative or odd to you. Note whether the children are constantly coming back from their other parent's home with new toys, treats, or other things that could be bribery by your ex to pull them onto his or her side.

As well, you will want to write down times when the visits go well, and explain why you think that a particular visit went well. If you want more information about visitation diaries and how they could help you in court, contact a Mission Viejo divorce attorney today. You deserve an attorney to assist you in your case. Whenever you need help with a custody battle, don't hesitate to get an attorney from The Hunter Law Group on your side!