How Do I Calculate Spousal Support in California?

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Temporary Spousal Support Formula

Whether you are looking to get a divorce, have already gotten a divorce, or are living separately from your spouse, spousal support may be necessary. The purpose of spousal support is to ensure that the lower-income spouse is able to maintain a similar standard of living to the one they had when living with or married to their spouse. Spousal support can be temporary or it can be long-term, but whatever the case may be, it is important the amount is properly calculated.

Each county in California has its own means of calculating how much support a higher-earning spouse must pay to the lower-earning spouse when a support order is issued. In Orange County, the courts generally follow the Santa Clara spousal support guideline. Temporary spousal support is calculated by subtracting half of the lower-earning spouse's net monthly income from 40% of the higher-earning spouse's net monthly income. This may seem simple enough, but mistakes can still be made when determining each spouse's net monthly income. Hire a skilled Orange County divorce lawyer right away to ensure that your income and that of your spouse are properly calculated so that a fair support order is issued.

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Permanent Spousal Support in Orange County

For marriages that have lasted for 10 years or more, there is a higher likelihood that "permanent" spousal support will be required. Marriages that end in under 10 years generally require temporary spousal support, the duration of which is usually half the length of the marriage. Longer marriages could result in spousal support that has no specific end date. The courts will expect the lower-income spouse to become self-supportive as quickly as possible, but until then the higher-earning spouse could be required to make monthly support payments.

The amount of support required for permanent spousal support varies depending on the nature of the marriage. The court will examine factors such as the length of the marriage, the age and health of each spouse, their individual skills and earning capacity, each spouse's needs, their ability to pay spousal support, and more. Again, it is in your best interest to retain an experienced family law attorney if you are facing the matter of spousal support. You will need a capable advocate to build your case and present a strong argument to prove that you require a certain amount of support, or that you should not have to pay so much. The Hunter Law Group has handled family law matters of all kinds for more than 45 combined years and is prepared to provide the counsel and representation that you need.

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