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Highly Respected Mission Viejo Divorce Lawyer

Demonstrating his immense care and concern for every client he takes on, Attorney Daniel Hunter IV is driven not just to succeed, but to do so with his clients' best interests in mind. Since 1998, he has dedicated his career to gaining invaluable legal knowledge and experience that he then uses with his own clients. Working to understand a broad spectrum of legal fields, Attorney Hunter is adept at handling any and all family law cases. For the past decade, he has sought to provide residents throughout Orange County with top-notch legal representation.

Assisting families and individuals with marital issues, custody battles, protection from domestic violence and so much more, he is held in high regard for his reputation of successful case results. Get in touch with our Mission Viejo family lawyer to learn how we can provide the help you deserve. Read the following testimonials to get an even better idea of the level of personal attention that Mr. Hunter gives each of his clients.


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| Orange County, CA
Client's rating: 5 of 5

My former spouse, a prominent Orange County realtor, tried to avoid paying me spousal support for months. He then applied to reduce the amount of my court ordered support alleging that the "downturn" in the economy and the depressed real estate market had caused his income to drop making it impossible to pay the court ordered amount and necessitated a reduction in the support amount. He hired a very aggressive firm in Orange County to represent him as well as a forensic accountant to attest to his reduced income. I could not afford a forensic accountant to counter my former spouse's expert witness which made me very nervous. However, Mr. Hunter would not settle. We went to trial and the court found that there was no change in my former spouses income and on that basis denied his request to reduce my spousal support. Needless to say, this made my former spouse very upset that he refused to pay support out of spite. On Mr. Hunter's advice, we brought a contempt action against him and the court ended up finding my former spouse guilty of contempt. I was shocked when they sentenced him to 20 days in jail and handcuffed him on the spot and took him off to jail to begin serving his sentence. Shortly after his stay in jail, he ended up paying me over $140,000.00 in one lump sum for back support. Justice never felt so good! Simply stated, there is no other attorney I would trust in Orange County to handle my Family Law needs. Mr. Hunter and his firm are absolutely the best!

| Orange County, CA
Client's rating: 5 of 5

I was actually in trial when I realized that my then current attorney "was not cutting it" so to speak. Mr. Hunter agreed to take my case in the middle of trial. I was relieved! Unfortunately, the damage had been done. He was not able to turn the trial judge around, so Mr. Hunter took my case up on appeal and WON! The result on appeal was a reversal of the trial court's spousal support order as well as an order for a new trial on the issue of attorneys' fees. At the second trial on the issue of attorneys' fees and costs, Mr. Hunter was successful in obtaining an order that saved me from having to pay approximately $180,000 in legal fees and costs to my ex-wife. What a relief!!! Mr. Hunter is a master at his craft. My only complaint is that I wish I would have found him earlier.

| Orange County, CA
Client's rating: 5 of 5

Unfortunately, I had to fight for my child's life in our court system. It was extremely frustrating to say the least. The courts seemed to keep giving my ex-wife the benefit of the doubt time and time again as the primary custodial parent, despite what I believed were alarming facts and circumstances. Upon hiring Mr. Hunter, he was immediately able to present the facts of my case in such a persuasive manner that the judge immediately removed my daughter from her mother's primary custody and placed her into my primary care. Mr. Hunter was also able to put safeguards in place that allowed my daughter to continue to flourish in my care. He remained my attorney whenever there were hiccups along the way to ensure that my daugther remained in my care. Today, my daughter has graduated from high school and has college softball scholarship at a great school in Texas. I don't know if my daughter would have had the opportunities in life today without Mr. Hunter's help along the way.