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If you are facing dissolution of your marriage or if you are considering divorce then there are many issues that will need to be resolved in order to finalize this process. Without skillful and experienced representation you could end up in a highly undesirable situation regarding property division and child custody issues as well as other related issues. It is important that you have representation on your side that will be able to help you through this process and fight for your rights in court if the need arises.

There are essentially two different kinds of divorce, contested divorce, and collaborative or uncontested divorce. The latter of the two generally involves peaceful mediation to negotiate the terms of divorce and to address specific issues such as child support, visitation rights, property settlement and many others. Contested divorce generally means that the two individuals are unable to come to agreement on certain issues and are unwilling to compromise. In these scenarios the case will generally go to court where a judge will hear both parties' arguments, discuss the needs of any children involved and make a decision that is primarily beneficial to any involved children and for the parents secondarily.

How You Will Benefit from Our Assistance

One of the primary concerns of the California court system is the provision for children in the case of divorce. If you are seeking modifications to child custody, child support, visitation rights or some other related issue, then the court will hear your case and make a decision based on the needs of the child as well as some of their preferences. In some cases, a family may desire to move to another state or far from a non-custodial parent. In this case you will need a move away order from the court and in order to obtain this you must be able to prove that this move is beneficial for the child or that the benefits outweigh the negative effects of relocation.

In addition to various divorce issues, our firm can help in family law matters as well. If you are considering marriage with an individual who has significantly less assets or net worth then you do, then you may benefit from a pre-marital agreement. This is a contract that is signed before a couple is married and it protects the assets of the individuals in the case of divorce. A representative from our firm will be able to explain in detail how you will benefit from this and they will be able to help you through the process of preparing an agreement if you feel like this is a good option for you. With more than 45 combined years of experience, do not hesitate to retain the skilled and experienced assistance of our firm for your divorce or family law matter today. Contact us to schedule a consultation today!

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