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At The Hunter Law Group we understand the difficulties that you could be facing in your divorce scenario. There are many different issues that must be addressed and different decisions that must be made regarding child custody, support, visitation and many others. If you are facing contested divorce then our firm will be able to assist you. Contested divorce can mean that you and your spouse cannot come to a compromise regarding various issues in divorce. You are unable to resolve conflicts such as division of assets or spousal support. If this is the case then we will be able to assist you in a court room setting where we will fight for your rights and we will fight to see that you achieve your goals and desires in your case.

Whatever form of dissolution of marriage you are facing; our firm will be able to assist you by helping to negotiate a compromise that is acceptable to both parties or by fighting for your rights in court. We have the skill and experience that you need on your side, we have been serving the southern California area for more than 45 combined years. We will be able to assist you if you reside in any of the following areas:

Why choose us?

Among the many various law firms in southern California, you may be wondering what makes our firm special, you may want to know why we are the better option for you in the case of divorce. We are extremely family oriented, one of the primary concerns of the California court system in the case of divorce is the wellbeing of any children involved, and this is also one of our primary concerns. If you have been the victim of domestic violence then we will fight to see that you and your children receive the best possible arrangements. If you and your spouse are seeking uncontested divorce then we will do everything that we can to shield your children from the stressful and burdensome process of divorce. Contact us to schedule a case evaluation today!