Mission Viejo Pre-Marital Agreements

A premarital agreement or prenuptial agreement is a contract that a couple enters into before becoming married. It is designed to provide terms as to support, division of assets and other issues in the case of divorce. If you have substantial assets, then a prenuptial agreement would help you to keep those assets in the case of divorce and prevent division of them. If your fiancé has significant debt, then a pre-marital agreement could prevent you from incurring some of this debt load through property division in the case of divorce.

Another issue that a prenuptial agreement can take care of is keeping inheritances whole. If you want to keep property in your birth family, and/or you have children from a previous marriage, you can make that property separate property that will stay in your family and be passed down to your children. Prenuptial agreements can even detail financial responsibilities for the marriage.

California Pre-Martial Agreements Do Not Include Children

There are many different issues that can be addressed and provided for in a prenuptial agreement; however, in California any issues related to children are prohibited from being determined in pre-marital agreements. A prenuptial agreement cannot address nonfinancial issues, such as creating a parenting plan. If you are seeking to obtain custody in the case of divorce, it will be impossible to do this through a prenuptial agreement. The same applies for visitation rights; however, there are certain measures taken to provide for spousal support in a prenuptial agreement so you will not be left without assets and provision in the case of divorce.

Need a lawyer for pre-marital agreements in Mission Viejo, CA?

At The Hunter Law Group, we have more than 45 combined years of experience in handling various issues like prenuptial agreements and many other family law issues. While a prenuptial agreement helps to protect your assets in the case of divorce, there are ways to fight against this contract. With our help you can be sure that we will help you build a contract that is binding and difficult if not impossible to breach by another attorney in the case of divorce.

It is important that you seek legal assistance for help in drawing up this contract so that no loopholes are left when the contract is signed. Prenuptial agreements can also be revised or revoked after marriage, so if you agreed to something you want to change, it is not set in stone. A Mission Viejo family law attorney from The Hunter Law Group can help you in this process.

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