Mission Viejo Military Divorce Lawyer

In the Military or Married to a Service Member?

Mission Viejo Military Divorce Lawyer

Divorce is almost always a difficult process in terms of the anxiety over not knowing how it will turn out, the time and money spent in court, and the emotional strain involved. Divorce involving one or more members of the military is even more trying due to California’s special conditions for service members living abroad, deployed, or outside California. If you are considering a divorce and you or your spouse is a member of the armed services, call our Mission Viejo divorce attorney for needed legal counsel.

When you are going through a difficult time such as a divorce, you need an attorney by your side who has experience and has produced results for clients in the past. The Hunter Law Group has over 45 combined years of practicing exclusively divorce law and has been satisfying clients throughout Orange County by protecting their rights and offering reliable legal advice.

What makes military divorce unique?

It can be very complicated to divorce a military member who is overseas or deployed. Even if both are state-side, there are certain rules governing military divorce that our Mission Viejo divorce lawyer will need to inform you of.

Military divorce differs from regular civilian divorce when it comes to:

  • Residency requirements for filing
  • Obtaining process service on an active duty spouse
  • Compliancy with military rules and regulations
  • Division of military pension

Active duty members need to be served a summons and petition for dissolution of marriage in person, making the process quite complex. Service members cannot be held responsible for not responding to a divorce petition, although they are not allowed to neglect it.

Retain Seasoned Legal Help

A service member’s military pension is a significant asset which can be divided as any marital asset can in a normal civilian divorce. Both sides in a military divorce will need to understand how the state of California handles dividing military pensions, any VA Disability, and any potential problems related to the Survivor Benefit Plan.

You need to understand how the process of military divorce works and what your rights are ahead of time. The process can be difficult thanks to the special rules that govern military divorces but a Mission Viejo divorce attorney from The Hunter Law Group can help you navigate the complex process and uphold your rights!

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