Child Custody Modifications in Mission Viejo

In a divorce case there are many issues that must be addressed and resolved. Some terms of divorce include child custody arrangements, support and visitation. Sadly there are some cases where parents accept undesirable child custody arrangements in order to move the divorce process along and are left without adequate custody rights. If you have agreed to unfavorable custody of your child then you may be able to have these arrangements modified in order to better suit your needs and desires.

Will the Court Modify Child Custody or Visitation Orders?

As a parent you may file for a modification at any time, and the court may grant your request for a modification if it is in the child's best interest. They are looking to see that the child is living in a stable environment, as this is seen as a critical aspect of protecting the child. If it was the court that determined your custody arrangements then you will need to provide substantial evidence showing a significant change in circumstances in order to obtain modification. Changing situations that could influence the court to modify your custody or visitation order would include the following:

  • The non-custodial parent is being refused visitation by the custodial parent
  • The child has gotten older and necessitates a change in the arrangement
  • One of the parent's income decreases or increases drastically
  • There is a change in lifestyle for one parent that necessitates the need for the child's living arrangements to be modified
  • One parent is moving out of the state
  • The living arrangement for the child now poses physical or emotional harm

It is important to remember that the way in which you present your evidence to the court is extremely vital to the success or denial of your modification request. They are expecting to see a clear change in one of the aforementioned areas, and if it is not apparent to them, they could easily dismiss your petition. Allow an aggressive Mission Viejo family law attorney to step in on your behalf and prepare a case that will not only protect you, but also your children. By looking at our testimonials, it is apparent that Attorney Hunter has obtained highly favorable results for many clients in the past. Receive the change to your custody arrangement that you desire by seeking out a modification order today.

How We Can Help You and Your Family

In order to have your file for a modification accepted there are many legal issues that you must address. In addition, you must show that it is beneficial for your child that this modification be accepted. We have extensive experience in arguing these kinds of cases. Our firm has more than 45 combined years of experience and is dedicated to helping parents and children through the divorce process in order to protect the child as much as possible.

By making the dissolution of marriage or legal separation as speedy and painless as possible, you can feel free to move forward with your life sooner. Whether you are seeking legal assistance for a family law issue such as child custody modification or for representation in your divorce case, our lead Orange County divorce lawyer will be able to help you. Contact us to schedule a confidential consultation!