Enforcing Child Custody Agreements in Mission Viejo

How to Enforce Your Child Custody Rights

If you have been through divorce and you have been assigned child custody rights then these orders have the force of law. There are many cases where an ex-spouse may not adhere to these orders and you may find that you are having difficulty obtaining your rights. It is important for you to know your options if your ex-spouse is not following these court orders.

Your Options:

  • Contact your local police department and ask them to enforce the order, as your order has the force of law.
  • In the case that an ex-spouse is not returning your child, then you may contact the district attorney in Orange County and look for the child abduction and recovery unit.
  • File an action for contempt with the court, which is essentially a notification of the lack of adherence on your ex-spouse's part, and a request to have these rights enforced.

This however can be extremely complicated and can have some very serious consequences so it is vitally important that you speak with an Mission Viejo custody attorney from The Hunter Law Group before filing an action for contempt with the California State Court. As a form of reference and evidence, you should always keep detailed records of any visitation or child custody violations on the part of your ex-spouse and have these records with you whenever you go to court for a related matter.

Why hire our Mission Viejo family lawyer?

At The Hunter Law Group we have more than 45 combined years of experience and we are intent on serving our clients through excellent service and aggressive representation in any legal matter. If you are seeking to have your custody rights enforced then you will greatly benefit from the legal assistance of our firm. As the process can be extremely complicated and there can be some very serious consequences, it is highly advisable that you have skilled representation from a Mission Viejo custody lawyer on your side. Contact us today to schedule a consultation!