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  • Respecting Father's Day can Help in Court Cases

    || 13-Jun-2013

    If you are a mother currently divorcing from your spouse, then you probably don't want anything to do with your ex at the moment. Yet maintaining a healthy relationship with your ex-spouse and encouraging your children to maintain a healthy relationship with their parent can look great in court and help you to get the custody time that you prefer. Father's Day is coming up this next ...
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  • Will You Have the Children on Father's Day?

    || 11-Jun-2013

    Father's Day is only a week away, and many dads want to spend this special holiday with the children that they love. If you are a father and do not technically have custody of your children on Father's Day, you may want to put in a special request with the court. For example, if your custody arrangements make it so that your ex-spouse has the children this weekend, you may want to shift ...
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