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  • What are the grounds for an annulment?

    || 29-Apr-2015

    When a court approves an annulment in California, the marriage is declared invalid, as if the marriage had not taken place at all. The state does not have any minimum or maximum time stipulation for filing for annulment; however, there are certain grounds for a marriage to meet to be eligible to be annulled. The couple seeking an annulment needs to be able to prove at least one of the grounds for ...
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  • Common Divorce Questions

    || 20-Sep-2013

    Choosing to file for a divorce is a big decision for any person to make. Whether you are in an extremely unhappy marriage or you are simply ready to move on, the aspects of property division, child custody matters, and the like can be extremely overwhelming. It is for this reason that hiring a Mission Viejo divorce lawyer you can trust is so important. Here are a few common questions that people ...
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  • Ending Your Marriage: Divorce vs. Annulment

    || 24-May-2013

    Are you currently considering the option of ending your marriage? If so, you are not alone. In America today, nearly 50% of marriages will come to an end at some point, largely due to financial matters, disagreements, growing apart or just falling out of love. As humans we are ever changing, and for some couples, these changes tend to be away from one another. Whatever the case may be, leaving ...
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