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  • Changing Your Alimony Agreement

    || 2-Jan-2014

    As circumstances change, individuals may need to make modifications to their spousal support (alimony) agreements. For example, someone receiving alimony may no longer need this financial support due to the fact that he or she became self-sufficient or has remarried. Or, an individual paying spousal support might no longer be able make payments due to changes in his or her income level or ...
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  • Understanding Spousal Support (Alimony) After a Divorce

    || 26-Jun-2013

    Alimony is another way to say spousal support, which means the amount of money that one spouse will be receiving from the other for provision after the two go through their divorce. Depending on the circumstances, the two spouses will either agree together to have alimony payments after their split (either through a prenuptial agreement or simply coming to an agreement during the divorce process) ...
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